Integration with PayPal Payflow Pro

Bookeo integrates with PayPal Payflow Pro to process payments via credit card.

In this article:

Step 1 - Create a new user account in your PayPal Payflow Pro account

1. Login to PayPal manager as admin user

2. Click on Account Administration at the top, then on Add User (under Manage Users)

3. Create a new user account that is allowed to use the API. See example below

4. After creating the new user, under Manage Security, click on Account Administration and Transaction Settings 

5. Make sure to set Allow reference transactions to Yes. This is required to remember credit card details and charge cards later.

6. Save. The changes 
may take 1 hour to propagate.

7. Make sure to check your filters (Service Settings/Fraud Services), to ensure you do not reject valid transactions.

Step 2 - Set up the integration in Bookeo

1. Go back to your Bookeo account, click on Settings>Online payments. If there is a "Payment Gateway", click on it as well.

2. Select PayPal Payflow Pro as the gateway, and input the credentials for the API user created above.

3. Save the changes

Understanding failed payments

If a payment is rejected by PayPal, you can check the reason details in your PayPal Manager control panel:

  • Login as the administrator user
  • Click on Search transactions, and search the transaction by the customer's last name and date.
  • Click on the transaction found, and you will be shown the full details of the transaction.

If you still have doubts about the reason for the transaction being rejected/declined, please contact your PayPal account manager, quoting the transaction ID shown on the page.