Integration with Stripe

To use Stripe as your payment gateway, log into your Bookeo Account;

1. Click on Settings>Online Payments

2. From the Payment gateway [1] scroll down menu, select Stripe.  

3. In the Account details section, select:

- I want to create a new Stripe account [2]

You will be redirected to Stripe's sign up page. Fill in the page to set up your account with Stripe. It only takes a few minutes!

- I already have a Stripe account 

You will be redirected to Stripe's sign in page. Click on the Connect my Stripe account button integrate your Stripe account with Bookeo.

4. Click on the Ok button

5. You will be prompted to input your Bookeo password to confirm the payment gateway integration. Input the password and click Ok.


The Stripe API Key you will see in Settings>Online payments is an API key generated by Stripe exclusively for Bookeo. This API Key is different from the public API Key you see in your Stripe control panel.