Integration with 2checkout

If you do not have a 2Checkout account, please click here, then follow the instructions below for the integration set up.

To use 2Checkout as you payment gateway, log into your Bookeo Account.

In this article:

Step 1- Select 2Checkout from the list of payment gateways

1. Click on Settings>Online payments

2. From the Payment gateway drop down menu, select 2Checkout.  

Step 2 - Set up your 2Checkout integration

1. Log into your 2Chekout account

2. The 2Checkout Seller ID number can be found within your vendor area, there is an image in the upper right hand corner that contains it.

3. Upon selecting this icon, you should see a pop-out with your seller Id number, more information about your account, and a logout button.

4. Copy the 2Checkout Seller ID2Checkout Private Key and the 2Checkout Publishable Key. Click on API in the main toolbar

You will have to agree to 2Checkout's Terms of Use for API payment processing.
You will then see the 
2Checkout Private Key and the 2Checkout Publishable Key.

5. Paste them in Bookeo

6. Save