Integration in a Hibu website

It is very easy to embed your Bookeo booking widget in your Hibu web site.


Step 1 - Set up the integration in Bookeo

1. in your Bookeo account, click on Settings / Web site integration

2. select the option embed a widget in my web site

3. copy the widget code shown

4. leave the browser window open and open a new tab in your browser

Step 2 - Set up the integration in Hibu

1. Login as admin to your Hibu account.

2. Go to your booking page, or create a new page 

3. Click on the Insert icon in the main toolbar

4. Click on the
 </> HTML Snippet in the left menu

5. Risize the HTML Snippet.The Bookeo widget is not designed to be placed in an HTML element that is less than 520 pixels wide, and we recommend at least 650 pixels wide.
There are many components in the interface that would not fit in a narrow column anyway.We recommend placing the widget in the central part of your page, rather than a side column.

6. Click on the Set up tab in the Editor window. Paste the widget code (that you copied at Step 1 - # 3) and click Apply. You will not see anything, but don't worry!

7. Click on the View my site button on the top right corner of your Hibu admin interface to preview your booking page


Step 3 - Set up the URL of your booking page in Bookeo

As last step, make sure to tell Bookeo the web address of the page that contains the widget.
In your Bookeo account, click on Settings>Web site integration and input the URL of your booking page at point 2.



The web site must be accessible: Bookeo will check for the presence of the widget code in your web site and it will not save the changes if it cannot find the widget code. 
If you want to integrate Bookeo into a website that is not accessible, please email our Support Team at and they will be able to assist you.