Can my customers choose to pay for a service at the time of booking or later?

You can allow your customers to choose to pay at the time of booking or later for any service or workshop you offer.

Using Bookeo Classes & CoursesClick here

 Using Bookeo Tours & Activities? Click here

1. Go to Settings>Online Payments

2. Go to the Payment and deposit tab

3. Tick the Allow deferred payment [1] checkbox

In the Deferred payment message section [2] , you can type a message that will be shown to your customers when they make a booking. Here you can for example ask customers to pay by bank transfer or cheque.

5. Select the Default payment required from the scroll down menu [3]pay now or pay later. The payment method selected will be shown as default to your customers when they make a booking.


 If you set that you want to accept/deny each booking, the deferred payment feature will NOT apply.



​What happens when customers make an online booking

When customers make an online booking, they will be able to choose to make an online payment or skip it. If you set a message, it will show in the Optional payment section.