How to offer combined services

It is common for some businesses to offer multiple services in one session.

For instance a beauty salon may offer waxing services, and customers can choose leg, under arm, upper lip, Brazilian waxing, or a combination of them. Click here to see an example of combined services.

Every additional service chosen increases both the total duration and the total price of the booking.
Even more important, you may decide that the duration of a service, when provided standalone, is different from the duration if provided together with other services. This is the typical case when there is some preparation involved. For example, upper lip wax standalone may take 15 minutes, but as part of a combination it may take only 5 additional minutes.

The best method to offer some services as 'combinable' is to define them as additional options. You can then offer them both as single services, or combinable services. And you can also offer fixed combinations (ex. leg and bikini at a special price).


Step 1 - Set up a service with no duration

1. Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options
2. Click on the New choice button
3. Create a new choice with a name like 'Mix & Match', with a 0 minutes duration (if you want to set a fixed preparation time, you can set it here instead)


4. Save your settings

Step 2 - Set up a checkbox additional option for each combined service

1. Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options

2. Go to the Additional options tab

3. Click on New option
4. Select the Type the customer checks/unchecks a checkbox
5. Define the option's name, duration, price

6. In the Restrictions section, select this option is only enabled for the following services, and check the service you created earlier


7. Save your settings, and repeat for the other services that you want to offer as combined.