Integration in a BigCommerce web site

It is very easy to embed your Bookeo appointments widget in your BigCommerce web site.

In this way you can accept bookings and sell physical products all in one site! Click here to see a live demo!

1. in your Bookeo account, go to Settings>Web site integration

2. in Page layout, select the option embed a widget in my web site

3. copy the widget code shown


4. leave the browser window open and open a new tab in your browser

5. login as admin to your BigCommerce account, and click on Storefront Content>Web Pages>Create a Web Page

6. In the page editor, click on the HTML button to edit the HTML content of the page


7. paste the widget code (which you copied in step 2) in the HTML Source Editor


8. click on the Update button of the HTML Source Editor. You will not see anything in the rich text editor. But don't worry!

9. save the new page

10. go back to the Bookeo window, and input the address of your web page in the Web Site Integration settings

11. save your Web Site Integration settings

DONE! Now your BigCommerce site has a page for your Bookeo widget, too!

The integration with BigCommerce is only a website integration. Data, customers and payments are not shared between Bookeo and BigCommerce. Customers will purchase and pay for articles in BigCommerce, and they will book and pay for appointments in Bookeo.