Publish Customer Reviews with the Customer Reviews Widget

You can publish Customer Reviews with the Customer Reviews Widget in any page of your website.

The widget shows the review "Summary" with a link leading to the full review. Customers will be able to scroll through your published reviews.

You can customize the colors, size and language of the widget, and how many reviews to show at a time. You can also select the customer reviews that you want to publish, and the customer details that you want to be shown.

In this article:

Step 1 - Set up your Customer Review Widget

To set up your Customer Reviews Widget, in you Bookeo account

1. Click on Marketing>Reviews

2. Select Web site integration 


3. In the Colors and styles section, customize the color of the background, text and link [1].

4. In the Widget section, select the number of rows and columns [2] of your widget.


Each "cell" will contain a review, so if you select 1 row and 3 columns, customers will see 3 reviews. 


5. Select width and height [3] of your widget

6. From the Language [4] select if you want to get a widget for reviews in any language or in a specific language.  

7. Click on the Test button to check the review widget settings, especially its dimension and colors. 

Step 2 - Integrate the Customer Review Widget into your website

1. Copy the HTML code [5] for your widget, and paste in your web site. Please remember: you must paste it into the "HTML" or "source" code of the page.


2. Click OK to save the changes

Customize styles and font type/size of the review widget

You can easily customize styles and font type/size of the review widget

1. Go to Marketing>Reviews>Website integration

2. In the Custom CSS section at the bottom, paste CSS code, something like:

To change the font type and size of the review summary (text of the review)

 .reviewSummary {
font-family: Arial;

To change the font type and size of the customer name and details

.reviewAuthor  {
font-family: Arial;

3. Click on the Test button to see how the review widget would show with the custom CSS rules

4. If required, make further changes or Save.