Integration with Ogone (multiple currencies)

Bookeo supports the Ogone payment gateway, a popular gateway that is available in many countries, including most of Europe, as shown in the picture below. 

To set up a free test account with Ogone, please fill in the FREE test account form


To set up your Ogone integration, please follow these steps.

1. Login to your Ogone account

2. Click on Users on the left menu, then click on the New user button

3. Create a new user account (call it "apiuser" or similar) and tick the checkbox Special user for API . Save the new user.

4. In your Bookeo account, go to Settings>Online payments. If present, click on the Payment gateway tab

5. Select Ogone from the list of payment gateways

6. Input your Ogone PSPID, the Ogone userid of the user just created (ex. "apiuser"), and the password for that user, as you set earlier.

7. if your Ogone account is still in Test, check the box Test account. When the account is moved to production, make sure to uncheck it. When your account is moved to production, you will also be forced to choose a new "SHA-IN Pass phrase" (see below)

8. in the Other settings section, click on Generate to generate a random passphrase, or choose a different one.

9. Back in your Ogone account, click on Technical information on the left, then on Global security parameters. Make sure that the options are selected as follows, then click on the Confirm and go to Payment Page Layout link 

10. Cick on the Data and origin verification tab. Copy the settings that are shown in the Other settings section in Bookeo. See below. Then click on the Confirm link to save the settings.