Integration with PayPal Payment Standard (also accepts credit cards)

PayPal Payments Standard lets you accept payments by credit card and PayPal (with a Premier or Business account). It redirects customers to a 3rd party website to make a payment.

If you are based in one of the countries supported by Braintree by PayPal - click here to see the supported countries - we do recommend to integrate the Braintree by PayPal payment gateway instead of PayPal Payments Standard. With Braintree by PayPal, you can:

  • accept payments with credit card and PayPal directly from your booking page

  • charge, directly from your Bookeo calendar: a new or saved credit card and a saved PayPal account (if the customer paid online using that PayPal account).

Click here for more information about Braintree by PayPal.

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Integration with PayPal Payments Standard

To use PayPal Payments Standard as you payment gateway:

1. Go to Settings>Online Payments 

2. From the Payment gateway [1] drop down menu, select PayPal

3. Enter your PayPal username [2]. Your PayPal username is the email address you used to register for your PayPal account. More info on how to recover your PayPal username from PayPal website.

4. Click on the Ok button

5. You will be prompted to input your Bookeo password to confirm the payment gateway integration. Input the password and click Ok.

Can I accept credit card payments with PayPal?

A PayPal Premier or Business account is necessary to accept credit card payments. If you already have a Personal PayPal account, you can upgrade your account at any time.  
Customers will be redirected to the PayPal website to pay for their booking(s) and they will be able to select if they want to pay with PayPal [3] or with Debit or Credit card [4].

Get "Verified" by PayPal

It is important to get "verified" by PayPal, so that customers will trust you as verified vendor, funds will be deposited instantly in your account, and customers will be able to pay without having a PayPal account themselves - just by using their credit card. To get your PayPal account verified, see

Do not require a PayPal account

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make a single PayPal payment. If your customers do not get the option to pay without a PayPal account, perhaps the option is disabled in PayPal settings. To enable it:

1. Login to your PayPal account

2. Click on the "Person" icon near the top of the page, next to the Logout button.

3. Click on Profile and settings

4. Click on My selling tools

5. In the line corresponding to Website preferences , click on the link Update . NB Sometimes instead of "Website preferences" the line is called "Payment page settings". It's the same thing.

6. Select On under PayPal Account Optional near the bottom of the page

5. Click Save.

Note that this is the default setting, but you may have changed it in the past and forgot about it.
If you do not see the option, it typically means that your PayPal account is not verified. Please see instructions above to verify your account. Once your account is verified, then you should see the setting, and it should be on by default.

Block e-Checks

E-checks are a little known feature offered by PayPal, by which customers can pay you via an "electronic check". When a customer pays via e-check, The order is completed, but PayPal will actually take up to 3 days to verify the check and deposit actual funds in your PayPal account. This is similar to what happens when you accept normal paper checks in the real world.

Just as in the real world, e-checks may bounce! If you prefer to make sure that you receive real money in your PayPal account, simply disable e-check payments.

To disable e-checks:

1. Log in to your PayPal account

2. Click on My account>Profile in the menu

3. Click on My selling tools>Block payments: update and check the option to Block e-checks (and, for good measure, any other form of delayed payment such as UnionPay etc.).


If you're connecting to an existing PayPal account, make sure that you're not applying taxes in Bookeo and PayPal - or the tax will be applied twice! This is a common mistake if you had a PayPal account before, and used it to charge for taxes at the time of payment. The way PayPal lets you manage taxes depends on your country, but generally you should find tax settings in your PayPal account by clicking on My account> Profile>My selling tools.