How can I collect and publish customer reviews?

Bookeo lets you ask customers to rate their experience, and leave a review or feedback message with comments and suggestions. You can customize the review request email that will be sent to your customers.  Click here for more information.

Bookeo notifies you of every new review you receive, and you can select if you want to publish the reviews at the bottom of your booking page or on another website page using the Customer Reviews Widget. 

You can also create reports of your Customer Reviews by date, rating, status, and language. 

In this article:

Customer Reviews settings

Set if you want to publish reviews on your booking page and which information you want to show about the customer.

1. Go to Marketing>Reviews

2. Click on Settings

3. In the Reviews in booking page section, tick the checkbox Show reviews in booking page [1] if you want to publish reviews on your booking pages. Click here to see an example of reviews showing at the bottom of the booking page

  • Bookeo will only show reviews that you have marked as 'published'.
  • Only the Summary will be shown and the customer details that you selected to show.
  • If you allow customers to choose their language when making a booking, Bookeo will only show reviews that are written in the language selected.

 You can also publish customer reviews using the Customer Review Widget. Click here for more information 

4. In the Privacy [2] section, tick the customer details you want to show about the customer who left a review.


Customer review notification, selection and publishing on the booking page

When a customer writes a review, you are immediately notified in your Bookeo home page.


When you click on the review notification in your Bookeo home page, you will see all its details: customer, booking number, date, rating, comment, etc.


1. Tick the Published [3] checkbox if you want to publish the review.

2. In the Summary field, click on the Change [4] button and use the mouse to select the text to be published (no longer than 50 characters). The selected text will be shown in the Summary [5] field. The Summary is the only part of the review that will be shown to customers in your booking pages. In the Customer Reviews Widget, customers will be able to click on a link to read the full review. 

3. From the Language [6] dropdown menu, select the language of the review. This feature is useful if your booking page is translated into multiple languages, and, for example, you want to show Reviews in Spanish on your booking page in Spanish.

View all customer reviews

You can see all the reviews you have received and manage them at once.

1. Go to Marketing>Reviews

2. Click on Manage Reviews

3. Published reviews are marked with , while unpublished reviews are marked with .

You can click on a review to view its details and manage it.