Workshops booking page: show upcoming workshop by date or customers select a workshop, then a date

You can customize how you want to show your workshops to your customers in your booking page. Bookeo offers two booking modes for your booking page.

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1. Go to Settings>Booking Preferences

2. in the Booking mode section, set if you want:


a. customers to select a workshop first, then pick an available date:

From the scroll down menu select the customer chooses the workshop​ first, and then an available date/time.

With this booking mode, Bookeo will show a list of services and 
workshop categories on the left side of the page, and the workshops you set up under the specific category on the right side of the page, in the exact order you set them up in your account. 


Example of booking page with the list of workshops booking mode

b. customers to be presented with upcoming workshops


From the scroll down menu select the customer is presented with all the upcoming workshops and their availability, and picks one.

With this booking mode, Bookeo will show a list of upcoming workshops.


Example of booking page with the upcoming workshops booking mode           

This booking mode offers further customization:


1. Tick the Available [1] checkbox if you want to show the number of seats available in your booking page

2. Tick the Price [2] checkbox if you want to show the price you set up for your workshops, in the Price tab of each workshop.

3. From the Initial view [3] scroll down menu, select which tab you will show as preselected in your booking page: workshops with a weekly schedule or workshops without a weekly schedule.

4. Tick the Default number of people [4] checkbox if you want to override all the default values for the minimum number of people - for each people category - you set up in the People tab your workshops.

5. Save.


  • Bookeo will show upcoming workshops with a weekly schedule for one week at a time, because you could have hundreds of them in 3 or 6 months.

  • Bookeo will show up to 100 upcoming workshops without a fixed weekly schedule, because there are fewer of them throughout the year, and at irregular dates.