Assign a location (studio, room, city..) and staff (therapist, consultant...) to a workshop

Once you have created a location (studio, room, city...) and staff (therapist, consultant...) in your Bookeo account, you can assign them to each service and each workshop you offer.

Assign resources to a workshop 
1. Go to Settings>Workshops
2. Click on the desired workshop
3. In the General tab, enable the resource type (for example therapist or location)

4. Save
5. Go to the Schedule tab.
6. Click on a time to assign the resources. If you see "???", it means that resources have not been assigned yet.

7. Select the desired resources from the scroll down menu, or input new resources clicking on the Add new button. If you add new locations or new staff, you can define their settings later.

8. Save and Repeat for other times.